Pick Me Up 2016

We’re very excited to be part of Pick Me Up 2016! it’s an all women group this year, which happened organically. We wanted to concentrate on different, often tactile mediums and disciplines, things that are made, crafted, honed. This year is the year of Utopia at Somerset house, the word itself meaning ‘no place’. However, Utopia is a (wo)manmade thing, people shape their own utopia, it was interesting that everyone I approached was a woman, all working in often male dominated professions.
I’m joined by sign writer Daisy Emerson, Illustrator Claire Powell, Tattooist and artist Valeria Marinaci, print designer Felicity Marshall, graphic designers one must dash,and of course Best. There will be new prints produced especially for PMU plus a whole host of other goodies and workshops taking place throughout the 11 days.